Lucas Bodine

Lucas Bodine

Monday, August 30, 2010

Dog Bite in Red Deer

Last Monday was a national holiday here in Canada. It was Heritage Day. I don't even know what Holiday it celebrates either do the Canadians! But that meant I couldn't email. I use the public library downtown and it was closed so hence I could not email. I know kind of a bummer but its alright. I am catching up on two weeks worth of email. So some quick highlights:
Two weeks ago I had the chance to go to Red Deer Airport for pday. I got to sit in the cockpit and pretend start the plane,it made for some good pictures. I got bit by a Rottweiler. It was pretty crazy,I thought my arm was going to fall off. We were talking to this guy named tony and his dog came up to us and was pretty friendly then I petted the dog and it snapped and bit me. It wasn't too bad though. It barley broke skin. Mom I am 100% fine. I don't know if I will be petting any big dogs like that ever again but I am good.

This week I found out that a less active guy we visit has been visiting the baptist church for about a month or two,never would have known if he didn't tell us. I heard come crazy stories from a guy who went to his mission to Mexico and he also asked me about the AZ Immigration Law. Whenever I say I am from Arizona one of the first things they ask is what I think of the Bill. I have to avoid that every single time. I went on exchanges with my district leader Elder Phelps. He is a pro swimmer,seriously. He is Micheal Phelps' cousin and he almost traveled to Beijing with the Olympic team. He is a good soul.
Our main investigator Gaylord Samulde has been digressing. He missed church for the 2nd straight week after having going 6 weeks straight. We will keep working with him but its been a little bit disappointing with what he is choosing to do. But we have to respect his agency. With a less progressing investigator,always brings a new progressing investigator.

My zone leader Elder Richards who is from Mesa,he went to Highland. He just got called up to Edmonton to be the new Assistant to the President. That was pretty exciting news. So that meant I got a new zone leader. His name is Elder Head. He is really cool. I got a package and 3 letters! Thank you mom and Millet family! Yesterday in church me and Elder Chappell performed in sacrament meeting. I sang and he played the piano to Lead Kindly Light. It was so awesome! I hope I can have more companions like Elder Chappell who can play piano.

Today sometime I find out what will happen with transfers. Transfer meeting is on Wednesday but sometime today I will find out. There is lots of speculation the week before so I am just glad that after today is over I will find out. Whatever happens,happens. It is all by inspiration and I know that the area where I need to be is by revelation. The work has been not as successful as other weeks but something I have learned is that its not about numbers its about people and their salvation. If I have done anything to help them get closer to that goal then I have succeeded. Missionary is work its not easy but I know that the lord delivers. The church is true. It just makes sense.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sleepin in Stettler

Hello everyone from back home or people in Utah Ghana, Scotland, Philippines, Argentina or wherever you are. Doing good here in the deer (Red Deer). That is the nick name I like to call it haha. This week was a good one I would say. Last week on Monday night my companion left me alone in the lone and dreary wilderness. He went up to Edmonton for 3 or 4 days for training with all the trainers and missionary leaders in the mission. But I was in a trio with Elder Boatright (from mesa and in my district) and Elder Taylor a missionary from Utah.

We started out going to see a guy me and my comp. E. Chappell came across. His name is Alfred and he is a huge native guy from Oklahoma who loves football. But we went over there with my trio companionship and we had an amazing lesson and he committed to prepare for baptism for the 7th of august. This week have been trying to get a hold of him but he has canceled and not showed a couple of times but were still working with him. But then Tuesday we covered my area of Red Deer 3rd ward. It was bad I hardly knew where any of anyone lived but we made it through a day and I held my ground in my area for a day.

On Wednesday we covered Red Deer 1st ward and so Elder Boatright had all the plans for that. But we talked to 3 old ladies that pretty much do nothing so it was nice to visit with them. Then that night we traveled an hour to Stettler. On the way there I did have a comical moment in the car. I decided to take a little 10 minute nap and I awoke to my other two companions screaming and pounding on the brakes. Then I woke up being completely startled and they started laughing so hard. Man they sure know how to make me not want to take a nap in the car ride anymore. But I've attached a picture. This is what I saw when I was awake going to Stettler. Bright yellow fields of Canola. Yep. It was really pretty to see so I got a picture and captured the moment.

But let me tell ya about Stettler. It is a cowboy town. And Elder Taylor is a cowboy in Utah. So he loves the place and I not much of a cowboy or a country boy but I got a feel of what it is. There was this one lesson we were on the patio around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, it was about 90 degrees the flies and mosquitoes were buzzing. Then my comps were talking to this old couple about cattle, farming, horses, rodeos, more horses, war, politics and more about farming. I didn't want to take anything away from the conversation so I didn't say much so I was very quiet. That caused me to be very very sleepy when our lesson came around. I think I might have fallen asleep, cuz I don't remember a thing said. haha but I got the feel for Stettler. It is still a great town though. I am just very glad to be back in red deer.

I love the city allot. And red deer only has about 95,000 people in it so it’s kinda like a mini mesa. And where I live wow we have the whole basement of the members home and it’s awesome. But I love this gospel. I love seeing true conversion with my investigators, especially Gaylord. He is coming to church and committed to stop drinking coffee and he is reading the book of Mormon. I know the gospel is true and I am seeing it change people lives. Love you and I feel your prayers.

Elder Lucas Alan Bodine

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth of July in Red Deer

Week two in Red Deer. Its been great so far. I am still green but I am learning allot out here. My companion Elder Chappell is an awesome trainer and he knows his stuff. This week was a huge week in lots of different views. Missionary work, holidays, weird food and baptism dates.

It’s weird to think how close missionaries become friends. I am such good friends with Elder Richards and Boatright (Mesa elders) as well as other people in the district. This week we have been doing lots of finding and teaching. We made some great progress with some of our investigators.

So Thursday was a big day here in Canada. It was Canada day. Kinda a bummer that we couldn't proselyte but we had our weekly planning that took space. Also we had a really nice ward breakfast that we went to with the zl's. We also taught two awesome lessons and then could relax. So we celebrated by playing a couple games of pool in the basement of our really cool house. And we drank sparking juice. Have I told you about the mosquitoes here? Oh man they are bad haha but I got my bug spray so it’ s not as bad as earlier in the week but still its just crazy how many are here haha.

Oh yeah Friday we met our new mission president. His name is president Campbell. He, his wife and 16 year old daughter are from Ogden, Utah. He has never been called as bishop or stake president but he is a really awesome guy. Allot different then the last mission president. The old mission president was really stern and reserved but when he spoke he ment what he was saying, like apostle or the 70 kind of power he spoke with. Our new misson president feels like a dad almost. He was joking around with us and he was allot more personable. Not to say that President Rhodes wasn’t good but I am just so excited to work with President Campbell for these next two years.

On Saturday whew wow. I extended my first baptismal commitment. "will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of god?" Welp I guess I should say that more because he said he would. Me and my comp. in my second day picked out a day for the baptism. We didn't know who it would be but someone is willing to prepare for baptism for the 24th of July. This guy is named Gaylord he is a 30 year old man from the Philippines and he is awesome. He lives with 3 other Pilipino men that are working in Canada to send money back home. But he has come to church 3 weeks in a row so he is really progressing and I am so excited for him.

Also missionary work world wide is having a little change. Preach my gospel 2! Yeah that’s right I said it. It’s going to be a supplement to PMG 1. It’s going to focus on how missionaries can be better teachers. Also zone conference and interviews are held on a quarterly basis unlike a 6 week basis. Also there will be a new PMG dvd for us missionaries. I am so pumped to receive this material. My comp and mission leaders/trainers get to go up to Edmonton for 4 days to have trainings on how to implement this new program of PMG 2. It’s exciting to be one of the first missionaries to use it, in the field! :)

And then yesterday was 4th of July. I celebrated my independence by proclaiming the gospel and going to church. In honor of the 4th we sang the star spangled banner and on Friday I bought a Jones today. So last night we sang our patriotic songs I drank a Jones soda and ate a hot dog. A little different on how I would do it at home but all the fireworks go off on Canada day and not July 4th.
But this work is so great. I am loving it. True not every person has a open heart to the message but once you do find those people who are ready and willing to accept the gospel, that is where the happiness is. My love for this gospel is growing every day. I love the lord, I love my AMAZING family and friends, really you are! But I need to get going.

Love ya,
Elder Lucas Alan Bodine

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Canada Here I Come: Red Deer to be Exact!

Its official! I can now say that I have been tracting, used mission funds, given missionary lessons, given pass along cards out and all that jazz. Last the world has heard of me I was in Provo, Utah. I sure had a great stay there and I learned so much great things. But now I am in Canada!

On Tuesday I woke up at 2 in the morning to leave the mtc at 3 and catch a flight to Denver at 6. After a quick 1 hour flight I had the chance of talking to the greatest parents in the world. Even though it was 5 short minutes it was some of the best minutes that I have had since leaving home :) After arriving in Edmonton one of the elders got caught up in the visa areas because he didn't have a passport book but a card. Long story short we waited for him for about an hour... fun...

Soon after that we met the assistant to the president and also the mission president and his wife. We first went to the mission office got our paperwork and other office things settled. After that we went to the Mission president’s house. We wrote a quick letter home while president had some interviews. If you didn't know this already mission presidents see your picture since you get your call. Even before the 7 elders came he picked out a trainer to work with us and the area where we were going. The interviews are for a confirmation of what he felt was right after getting to know the person better. That was a really cool experience by itself. After some interviews we had a nap and awesome dinner and then a sweet fireside. It got me pumped. Tuesday to Thursday I was not feeling well at all but I persevered (sorry). The next morning we met and I found out who my companion would be and who would be and what area I would serve. I am with Elder Chappell from Wayne County Utah; he says it’s as Podunk as it sounds haha. He had been on his mission for 20 months and he is going on 6 months here in red deer 3rd ward. I am also his 3 straight training comp. I just hope that he doesn’t leave me for the wilderness next transfer in 6 weeks. But Elder Chappell is an awesome guy. We work really well together. I just hope that I can be just a little bit as wise as he is.

I also found out that I am going to Red Deer Canada. It’s about and hour and a half south of the big city of Edmonton. But it’s a pretty big city it’s self. It’s kinda like Mesa but not as densely populated. After getting my new assignments we had a transfer meeting. Since this was the Rhodes last transfer meeting it was pretty special. President Rhodes gave an awesome, awesome talk, when it’s really good we call it prophesying. But after that we took a ride to Red Deer and off I went. I dropped of my bags and started going to work.

The first door we knocked we met Ben, a guy from the Philippines who works here for the oil. He hasn’t been following up on his appointments but it was awesome that the first door I knocked on that we had a lesson and possibly a new investigator. My first meal was at the Zamnos family. A family from Mexico, I don't think I could have eaten more food in one meal, She just kept on bringing more and more dishes haha but I loved it!

The next day we had district meeting and it was awesome sauce. There are 3 missionaries from Mesa. Me, Elder Ben Richards from Mesa High(worked at Milano’s) and Elder Boatright (a person’s older brother that was in chorale with me). But yeah I am already finding myself using eh and hey. The older generation uses eh and the younger generation is hey. So whenever I talk to Elder Chappell I am always adding an hey at the end. But yeah there is even different food here, a donar and protein and some other stuff.

The one thing that I have been surprised about is about the culture. I have met Phillipenos, Mexicans, Indians, Canadians, snowbirds, Chileans, Brits, Sikhs. You name it. And I am not even in Edmonton where it’s even more diverse from what I have heard. It is really cool though. I am glad that a Mexican family said that they would make me some Mexican food to make me feel at home. When I tell people that I am from Mesa either they know what I am talking about or think about cowboys...oh gee.

I am in a driving mission. We have an 08 or 09 Chevy Malibu. It’s nice to get around but we walk allot too. We have to be under so many kilometers. Oh yeah I am still in American measurements. I have some work to do when it gets to meters, liters, Celsius and all that stuff haha.

Mission work is work. From what I've heard from everybody is right, the mission is where you will get the best sleep of your life. It feels like a short nap but every night at 10:30 I am out. My comp. said that the other night it took me about 3 minutes to get to sleep haha. But my first Sunday was great. We had 2 investigators come to church. I really think 1 of them will get baptized. Gaylord is a man from the Philippines who has a wife and 2 kids back there and he just a great, humble man. He is making some real progress. Last night we met with Brother Walters. I don't think I have ever learned about so much oil in any visits here in Red Deer yet haha. But his wife is a great member but he isn't a member. His wife said that he wouldn't even step foot into church and now he goes every Sunday in a white shirt a tie. He is reluctant to make that change but he as already made some changes so why not a little more?

Also this Sunday was the anniversary of Joseph Smith's death in Carthage. My testimony about him has grown soo much. I am grateful for him. He has helped bring the fullness of the gospel into our lives. We have the fullness. My testimony of faith has grown too. Allot of people I meet say, I have faith, I believe in Christ so I will be saved. But Faith without works is dead. Faith is good but if we don't have the works that go along we don't have the faith. I love this gospel I love being a missionary I love my savoir Jesus Christ I love the lord, I am a child of god and he loves me.

As a missionary my main purpose it to cry repentance unto people(DC 15:6) How do I do that? Through commitments according to PMG. So I am going to give everyone a commitment today in this email. Will you think of people that could benefit from the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ? If so get a hold of the missionaries and get them lessons. If not...well pray about it to get some names. This is the MOST important work in the world and without members helps a missionaries life would be much harder. I love ya and pray for you!

Till next Monday Godspeed.

Elder Lucas Alan Bodine

Experiencing the MTC

So this is my first official letter! Wow, the mtc has been so great. It feels like I have been in the mtc for a month already. Time is flying by, the days are long but when I look back at it is flying by! well the airplane ride was good, ashlyn and anna picked me up and we went shopping for their apartment then had some inn n' out, made my last phone calls and I was at the mtc!

While getting checked in I saw Elder Despain! It was pretty cool being able to see him. Actually I have seen so many people who I know. I have seen Elder Sterling Jones, Cameron Farnsworth, Alec Porter, Micheal Christenson, Kyle Lyons, Zach Cook, Tanner Neilson, Joe Udall. The list could go on and on and on. But going to the mtc was not hard for me at all. It was like a big reunion for seeing all my friends.

After the first day I have really learned that I wasn't most excited about seeing all of my friends but that I am a missionary! Bert gave me an awesome letter about what a great thing it is for me to wear my plaque. I have made it out here to be a missionary for the church of JESUS CHRIST of latter saints and I am representing and doing what Christ would be doing. What a great thing for me to know! Thanks for the letter bert ;) It actually helped my comp. with some homesickness.

Oh so you prob. want to know about my comps. I am in a trio. Elder Gardner, is from Pleasant Grove, UT. He is a pretty laid back guy he kinda reminds me of Simon Nisson actually. But a cool thing about him is that his dad wrote some words to Press Forward Saints and This is my beloved son and other hymns look at Marvin K. Gardner in the Children and Hymn book! you would be surprised. I was actually singing this is my beloved son in my room(because you can't listen to music in the mtc) while write my journal and he said "you know my dad wrote that?" its a small world. My other Companion is Elder Miller from Eagle, ID. If anyone knows marshall davis, he is like a mirror image of him I think but yeah he is about the most muscular guy on the whole floor. If someone disses me I know he has got my back! He is a really humble elder. He worked on a farm in Idaho and played football and track. In my district we have 7 elders and 4 sisters. All of us except 3 sisters are reporting to Edmonton. Besides my comps we have Elder Brereton from Utah and Elder Larson who is going to be a Theraretical Physics, he went to Colombia in NY and he is a genius. Elder Remer from Nevada he is cool.Elder Brown is from Utah too. The sisters are awesome as well.

On Wednesday I was made District Leader! It was a humbling experience talking to my branch president. But I am lucky because I get to pick up all the mail so yeah! Umm so this is my pday Monday anywhere from now until later this afternoon you could expect an email from me so yeah. Since coming into the mtc I have memorized D&C 4,my missionary purpose in PMG(preach my gospel) and I have read the 85 p. mission handbook individually and as a companionship. I am still getting used to this whole companion ship thing but I am working on it. We are really open with each other and are getting along great. One thing that I have been learning is work and obedience. These are two things that I am trying to be great at. There are so many weird rules but that’s not up to me but to follow them. I have gained in my testimony that as we are 100% obedient that we gain more faith. Also, talking about work. I don't think I have been physically and emotionally worked. We are studying all the times and we have the whole 6:30-10:30 times to get used to but I have been put to work. I know that I am motivated and I am glad of it!

I am so grateful for Heavenly Father and that he loves us so much. I have felt this many times in my mission and I am growing so much. I love all you family and friends back in Mesa or wherever you are! I feel your prayers and I am working hard for you in return!

Elder Lucas Alan Bodine

Friday, June 11, 2010

Lucas left for the MTC bright and early June 2. Who would have thought that the airport would be packed at 6 a.m. for a 7:30 departure?
Because it was so crazy busy, Lucas checked his bags in at the curb. Butch and I asked if we could get a pass to accompany Lucas to the gate and were both disappointed because it looked like the odds were slim to none as there was a hour long wait just to get to the counter for the request. It was then, when the Sky Cap who checked Lucas in, came and found us in the crowd of people. He led us over to the first class counter and spoke to an agent on our behalf. Before we knew it, we were through security and waiting with our son.

At the gate he saw two other missionaries that he would be traveling with on the same flight; Joe Udall and Cameron Clark.
I wish I had the Sky Cap's name to send a thank you note, give him a hug or something! - Butch and I are both very visual and it was very sweet to see our son walk through the door to his new life as a servant of the Lord. It was a tender mercy for both of us.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Farewell Mesa...Hello Mission

Welp its that time. I have been waiting 19 years,1 year after graduation,4 1/2 months since my call and its time for me to leave. I have been blessed so greatly growing up and learning from so many great people. This time in my life is surreal. I can't believe that its here and I am going to be an official missionary in like 5 hours! This weekend has been so great. I had my talk in church and it was so great. I was such a cry baby haha. But the moment that I walked up to that podium to talk about christlike attributes and missionary work I was overwhelmed with the spirit. It was such a cool moment. I was saying things that weren't written in my talk and I was speaking with the spirit. I am so lucky to have this opportunity to tell people in Canada what my testimony is! I also had a little open house on Sunday night and it was so great seeing so many people. Also I made a little money to spend on some winter gear when I get to edmonton. I can say that I have the best family and friends in the world. Again,I have been greatly blessed. Being the last of 6 children in the family I have always had someone looking over me. We have a saying in the bodine home, Too many chiefs and not enough Indians. But I have been so lucky to have the greatest brothers,sisters and parents that are my examples. I love them so much. We have an eternal family. One of my most memorable moments was going to the temple for the first time and seeing my family in the celestial room. My family is eternal and I am so grateful for that. I wish that everyone could experience what I did in the temple with my family.In addition to having the best family in the world I have the best friends ever. I was talking to one of my good friends and I said you want to know what one of my favorite part of my talk was? It was in my testimony and I was talking about my friends and I said, "I love my friends and they love me". Isn't that what friends are for? I think so! We have each others back and we support each other and build each other up. My friends have always been a positive influence on me and I am lucky that they have never been negative influence. I love my friends and they love me.
Have you ever thought about what someone is feeling before they leave for their mission? I think this picture by my amazing sister Whitney shows what I am feeling. A picture speaks a thousand words so... But right now I am anxious/sad/pumped/reflective/ready. I am a little sad leaving the ones who I love and my comfort zone of mesa,arizona but I put my trust in the lord. I know that the harder I work the less "home sick" I will be. I am taking part of the most important work on the face of this earth! cool thought huh? By tonight I will be set apart as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am humbled to be be part of this great mission and I am grateful for my opportunity's that lie ahead. My social media manger/mother will be updating this blog with letters and pictures and also my facebook. Lets stay in touch and be sure to write me and tell me whats up.
Till then Godspeed

With love,
Elder Lucas Alan Bodine

Friday, May 28, 2010

I'm Trying to be Like Jesus

So I am speaking in church this Sunday! and my topic is "How developing Christlike attributes helps us better share the gospel". With that I have been pondering what to say so why not go to my blog for some inspiration! What do you do to help you to be like Jesus?

Also incase your wondering this is going to be a place where my mom will post some of my emails on the mish and some pics too. I might change it to Elder L.A.B. or make it all missionary like and super sharp looking. So either drastic or sudden changes the blog "behind the mind of L.A.B." will be made.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Not Flashlights but Flashbacks

On this latest edition of behind the mind of lab I had a flashback from what my life was like a year ago.

According to wikipedia a flashback is a involuntary recurrent memory, a psychological phenomenon in which an individual has a sudden, usually powerful, re-experiencing of a past experience or elements of a past experience. These experiences can be happy, sad, exciting, any emotion one can consider.The term is used particularly when the memory is recalled involuntarily, and/or when it is so intense that the person "relives" the experience, unable to fully recognize it as memory and not something that is happening in "real time".

With that said everyone has had a flashback or two. And don't judge that I am citing wikipedia. I think its dumb with teachers won't count wikipediea as a credible source because wikipediea for a good majority of its material has its sources at the bottom of the website.

I also love it when they make flashbacks in movies like when they show the ending at the beginning then show the whole movie. It makes you really think about whats happening.Well I am off topic again woops.

A year ago today I was stressing about high school. I know high school? really? Yeah,I am 100% convinced that I actually needed to try a little bit in high school,compared to MCC where I don't study and read my textbooks yet get straight A's.

A year ago I was in my last Broadway review and jazz band concert. Sad but fun. I miss playing my trumpet,allot...especially JAZZ! You may think I am nerd for liking jazz but I don't care. I listen to KJAZZ every night that I can. I replace my need to play jazz trumpet by playing trumpet for the East Valley Mormon Choir Organization and being in Vocal Jazz at MCC. Moving on....Broadway review. So I saw mv's review a night or two ago and it really brought back some memories. Uptown girls,Guys and dolls,Rock Medly,Oh What a Night(here is a link that you should click on if you want to listen to awesomeness!)!v=t3RqEl9s6NI&feature=related,CATS! and Tearin up my heart. Good times with some great people.

A year ago I had no clue what I was going to do for school. Thinking about ASU,NAU,MCC,YUMA? yeah asu was a no go too expensive and not really there for the student. Yuma I dreaded the thought but with my dad living in yuma it was an option. NAU I got accepted and got a scholarship but was to expensive. BYU? all my friends went and I was anti-byu. Plus I know they wouldn't have accepted me so I didn't apply. MCC was my frontrunner. Its a great school,even though I dissed it about how easy it is I really love it allot. Go Thunderbirds!

A year ago today I graduated high school! Crazy to think about it! I loved every minute of my graduation. I have to admit I didn't know what to expect with life after graduation. Lots of questions...will I see him or her ever again? what will happen to my friends? Who is going to get married first?Who will be leaving or going on missions? Is college going to be really hard? What will happen when everyone is gone to school or missions? When do I leave on my mission?

Yeah that's what was going through my head around graduation. Its nuts to see how peoples lives changing with a few of my friends engaged or getting married. A large majority of my guy friends are already serving and they are serving honorably! I survived my first year after graduation. I am going to go on a mission! Surprisingly life changes allot in 1 year.

Welp there is a flashback of mine,enjoy.

P.S. So I guess my family actually reads my blog...I had no clue! haha so anyone in my familia thats reading this don't worry I will write about you at least once before I leave!

P.S.S. I leave in 12 days :)


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yo I am gona make a shoutout to my homies...

Welp the inspiration for this blog post is shoutouts. Wherever or whenever you have a chance to complement others is a great opportunity. Everyone loves compliments and I like when people compliment me so here are some shout outs to some of my great friends that have been really great to me,especially for my stay at MCC and pre-mish waiting. I am going to do this in an alphabetical order so here we go....

Alexandra Adams
Welp me and her are great friends. One day she will be on so you think you can dance(we both have matching sytycd shirts). But yeah she is uber funny and chilliax. She has a great taste in music,just ask to steal one of her cd mixes. She is awesome.
Ashlyn Soelberg
Wow ashlyn is so great,let me tell ya. She is one of the most friendliest person I have ever met. She is always asking if everything is going good and making sure that she can help people out in anyway that she can. Weird but I knew ashlyn even before I met her because of the Bodine and Soelberg children knew each other so well. But I am so glad me and ashlyn are great friends,we can seriously talk about anything for a good amount of time too :) haha I love her whole family,they are great. Ashlyn loves to blog stalk me so there is my shoutout to Ashlyn!
Benjamin Williams
Ben is a stud. I don't know how he does it. Girls just somehow seem to flock to him. He is keeps on rockin it around good ol mountain view. Oh did I mention he is the Michael Phelps of track/cross country. Yeah he is that good. Go look at his sports illustrated spread in mv's year book.Props ben
Caleb Allred
Caleb is a cool kid. He is gone for navoo or Missouri or someplace in the Midwest doing a performing mission. This guy has skillz he can sing and dance,that is an accomplishment. Even though he has a very lax sense of time and deadlines he still gets it done. Me and Caleb have a schweet handshake that very few can even attempt. He has mad pipes and dances like Chris Brown. He is funny.Caleb Cloyd Barton
Some call him ccb,maleb,caleb,calob,raymond,elmo,k-luv or cloyd. I can say that this guy is dang awesome. He plays drums,need I elaborate? okay I will. His drum set is sooo sexy wow dw's,you should go see em,its a masterpiece. He always has bomb date idea's even though his dad gives him all the ideas and he takes credit for them and when I have bomb date idea's he will say that he only follows through but whatever. I would say that the Barton's house is my second home,I eat leftover weekend barros pizza from their fridge like its my job. His family rocks. His dad might even get me a bow tie before I leave. He is leaving for Scotland/Ireland soon,what a cool place to go,well that's Caleb Barton for ya.
Chloe Nielson
Before my senior year I thought of Chloe as some cute girl that I didn't know very well. But over senior year and this past year we have become great friends. With being in stuco together, having culture nights,being a thunder bird, going on big trips,we have learned allot about each other. 2 things for 1 we always know how to have fun and 2 we rock. Chloe is always the master plans to what all our friends are doing on the weekends. Even though her dog hates me and she won't realize that me and Natalie are dating,we are still great friends. She always got my back and somehow seems to be the person that I watch glee and any chick flick with haha Chloe you rock! Christiaan Schimd
Welp me and christiaan became friends because our friends were friends. Being 100% honest I didn't know what to think when he joined our group of friends senior year but I have learned that he is a cool dude. I don't consider him my friend who is still in high school or younger than me but instead as a friend. His Madagascar quotes of moto moto that are hilarious,the weird thing he does with suit jackets(btw he has tight suits and ties) and all the mad hookups from his relatives are some of things I have learned about him. He also has a sweet sub in his truck,its always exciting to hear his latest favorite song. After learning how to spell Chirstiaan with two a's,that's when I realized that he is a good friend of mine. Devin Duane Oakes
How could you not be a friend of someone who's middle name is Duane! haha I am so glad that I have had a friend like Devin. We have been there for each other through thick and thin. We met each other in the hood at kino and have been great friends since. He was a lifesaver for me sophomore year. We both didn't have many friends but being in band and choir over the years we became unstoppable. Well right now he is in ideeho. He is a Zone Leader(the youngest in mission history). Yeah he is tearin up the mission Field. He is growing up so much its not even funny. When I read and write him I ask myself,Is this a huge spiritual giant or my friend? Answering my question every time I have both. He is a great example in my life. I am and was always jealous about his success in everything. I swear whatever he does he excels at it. I am glad for devin,he is a great example to me. I can't wait to join in the work with him soon! Emily Peterson
Emily Emily Emily. She rocks. I love how she is herself at all times and doesn't care about what others think. I love how when she tells you things she tells you how it is straight up. She says things how they are, and I admire her honesty in everything she does. Emily is someone that turns dull moments into memorable moments. She loves life and you can notice that(just hang out with her).She also has some of the best dance moves I have ever seen :) Even though Idaho and Utah stole her from me thank goodness she updated her blog so I could keep up with her life. I also must say out of all my friends shes got one of the best blogs.I am glad to be around her company this summer before I leave and before she leaves for more excursions.
Hudson Halm
I miss this guys so much its not even funny. I remember many of days and nights just sitting in Hudson's front room,him playing piano and singing and me wishing I could play and instrument as good as him while I sing along. I have spent many hours with hudson in my high school and post high school career. I have learned so much about his life and his family's life,they are amazing. I love hudson story's,they are hilarious hahahahah good memories. I would say some stuff but they are all inside jokes that no one else would understand. Welp hudson is in GHANA! wow,seeing his pictures and writing him a little bit I know that he is doing great there. I would have a hard time going to ghana but hudson is loving it. Miss ya hud bud. Kaitlyn Dwiggins
Me and kaitlyn are great friends,yup be jealous. We talk till 3 in the morning and sometimes she even calls me at 3 in the morning too! hahaha. We always know whats happening in eachothers life and we talk it out. She is the one person who I can talk glee and American Idol to. I have learned that kaitlyn is a very caring person and wants everyone to be comfortable. Kaitlyn is always there to listen to my complaints about things and whatever is on my mind. Oh yeah and me and kaitlyn have been on so many dates its hard to count haha. Love ya K-dwig! Tyler Pete Arnett
Welp some call him tyler some call him pete,I call him both. Looking back to it me and him have been friends about a 1 year or so. I always knew about tyler because he hung with caleb allred and hudson but I never really got to know him till Senior year. Tyler is one hilarious guy. Really though. He doesn't even try to be funny but its just him being himself. Tyler always has an opinion about things and he makes it heard if you want to hear. I havent heard so many things about avatar(the last air bender),Taylor swift and toro football. Tyler was set apart tonight to be a missionary. I know he will be a great missionary.I love waking up early to go to the temple and he would go with me. I am glad that he was my temple buddy. Having going to the temple,hearing his talk and being his friend I know he will be an instrument in the lords hands.

Welp if your thinking lucas is a stalker and has all these pictures of everyone your wrong. I pulled it off of their facebook. Also if your thinking what the heck lucas didn't talk about me. Sorry if I didn't feature you or anything. You are still a great friend to me and we can always learn to be better friends as well! haha

I am greatful for my friends they are so great. They have helped me become who I am today and who I will become. I am so fortunate to have a group where I have postitive peer pressure and that my friends have the best standards in the world! To anyone who is reading this,thanks for being my friend!


P.S. I leave in 21 days....whoah.... :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

An Hourglass and a Pocket Watch

So this past week I have been thinking about the classic phrase...
Time fly's when your having fun. Given what I've been thinking this week I have thought about a few things that I can attest to that time really does fly by.

Today I texted a few of my friends, You know time fly's by when.... here are some of there answers
-6 of my friends said when your having fun(yes that is so true but not very creative)
-when your brother is wearing your handy-ups
-when you need to go to the bathroom
-when you need to clip your toe nails
-when you're reading the BOM(Book of Mormon)
-when you're on vacation
-when you're happy(one of my fav's,props emily!)
-when a clock is thrown
-when your playing hide and go seek then the next thing you know your growing a beard
-when you're with your boyfriend for the night and you look at you're phone and its already 5 a.m.
-when you fall asleep
-when you're at all-state
-when hair starts growing out of your nose
-when there's 3 seconds left on the shot clock for the win!
-when you realize we graduated a year ago!
-when our lips touch,no homo so it'd better be a girl....
-when you think its april 12th and its april 17th
-when you're flying(all the time zone changes n stuff)
-when you're parasailing
-when you are with the people who you love the most
-when you're stairing at the back of lucas' head

Welp there were some interesting answers. I asked people with a variety of religions,age,gender,etc... I felt of this as my mini scientific experiment haha. Its funny to see my friends answer 1 simple question and the answers that you get.

Now you will get my list of when lucas thinks that time is flying by when....
-I am leaving for a mission for 7 weeks
-that a year of college is almost over
-most of my guy friends are gone on missions
-I am getting to play rhapsody in blue for my first time! :)
-I get invites for weddings from my friends
-I realize that I am an uncle of 5 with 3 on the way!
-that I have been working for the city of mesa since I was 14
-I am now wearing garments
-I am in my last year of teenage years
-I have a legit church calling.

Those are a few of the things that make me feel that time is flying by. Welp till next time see ya later blogisphere,I've got some time flying activities to take part of.

Peace out.


Monday, April 12, 2010

The Tissue Box

Yello,blogging world. I know you have been waiting on your toes anxiously for my next post so here ya go.

Well If you guys didn't notice I had a poll going on for a week or two on my blog and in the poll I asked what I should blog about
A. School-0
C.Random Things-1
D. Social life-3

1: five votes people? Come on people your better than that!
2: I guess I will dedicate this post to my social life

To start off most of my social life is on the weekend so...welp on Friday I went to school and went to work then went straight to Red Mountain Institute Building. Me,Jackson,Caleb Frost and Jeff sang Lead Kindly Light at this huge jambaraba thing. It was a huge fireside of young men from 18 local stakes and at the fireside President Lesuire the area president of mesa and the 5th quorum of the 70 spoke and Sister and President Beck(the General Young Men's President). The fireside was so great. President Leisure bore an awesome testimony. Sister Beck talked about being a child of god. She asked all young men to stand and we sang all 4 verses of I am a Child of God. The Spirit was so strong and wow! Then we sang and we rocked it and pres. beck spoke about the priesthood and conversion and missions. It was a very cool meeting and I got to shake everyones hands,in all the meeting was great

After the meeting me and Pete treated Kaitlyn and Chloe to some tasty sonic and we chatted like old people do. Kaitlyn and Chloe were holding Kaitlyn's little niece and nephew while me and Tyler talked about missions,sports and stuff. We all came to a conclusion that was what we would do when we want to "hang out" as we get older.

After getting 5 short hours of sleep I woke up for Shape Up Arizona Expo! Wohoo....Phych! Longest day of my life. It was this huge health expo at MCC and I pretty much advertised city of mesa parks and recreation for 7 hours in the sun....great. But it wasn't that bad cuz me and my boss(a really cool lady named Cindy Hunt) chatted allot and I got almost $90 in 1 day so it was pretty good.

After taking a much needed nap after my long day of work I went to Mountain View's play,Little Workshop of Horrors
What a weird play,but it was well worth the $6 spent.It was so nice being able to watch it for the first time in 4 years. Not having to worry about a call time or to practice the music or any of that. Good job mv. Tanner Elsworth voice of the plant+Lynzi Richardson's amazing acting/singing skillz resulted in them stealing the show. They were great.Props. I also sat by Ben Williams. He is a stud. And I sat by Aubry Nobel soon to be denton(she is engaged to Chris Denton) And when talking to Chris I got Greg's email so I am excited to write Greg about some info about good ol Edmonton!

Now for the fun part of my social weekend...NOT! Instead of hanging out with my great friends I told myself to go home because I didn't feel to well.I woke up with the feeling of yuck. No bueno. I then got all my Sunday assignment covered and stayed home from church to spend time with my friends Vick's NyQuil cold/flu

and the tissue box...great...

P.S. I leave in my mission in 50 gets out in 4 weeks and people from byu are coming down in less than two weeks,miss you guys! :) Crazy how time flys...

Monday, April 5, 2010

A week in the life of L.A.B.

Hello again blogging world. Its been awhile since we've last seen each other. Sorry I have been super busy this past week no joke. So to update y'all I'll tell you about my week. Caution this post is a long one so buckle in.

BIRTHDAY! Yup Monday March 29th I turned age 19. It was a pleasant day full of great food and great friends. The Saturday before me and my family celebrated it on Saturday so that my dad could be there before he left for Yuma(in case you didn't know my dad works Monday-Friday in Yuma.Not the best situation but we are lucky to have a dad with a job in these hard times right now. He comes up on the weekends so that's when I see him.) So to celebrate me and my mom went to cosco to pick up my 2 year prescription of contacts that I am barley getting. And I got some stylin new glasses. The first few days of contacts were very frustrating but now I am loving them. I can finally see. After that we went to Norstrom Rack and got 2 pairs of Ecco's. I was suggested to get these certain brand of shoes and with they had to be slip on's cuz I will be taking off my shoe's whenever I go into a Canadian house. So I got 2 pairs of these ecco's that are normal $200 a pair but I got 2 pairs for $200. Awesome deal. I also got a towel and 6 shirts and I already got a suit so I am almost done with my mission shopping. In addition to my birthday gifts we went to Famous Dave's. Its a bbq place and it was tasty nuff said. So Even though I celebrated my bday on Saturday I had some people come over to my house on my birthday and drop off some gifts and then me and my mom went to costa for some dinner. Overall great day.

This day was school Leisure and the Quality of Life and Choir. Wohoo. Its school. I love my classes,they rock. So this day I had tons of hw and of course I got my American idol fill for 2 hours that night! haha

I have class on Monday,Wednesday till 4:15 so that takes up the most of my day. Oh yeah that night two of my good friends Kaitlyn and Chloe invited me to watch the last song. I had a freebie pass to the movies and I had nothing else going,why not.I knew it was going to be a chick flick but Kaitlyn and Chloe are my good friends so I knew I would have a good time regardless. Well in the movie...well you need to watch it. Its full of drama about parents,love and stupid teenagers. During the movie I found my two friends using ALL of the napkins for the popcorn because they were bawling. I didn't shed a tear. I hardly cry. I cry for sad things that happen that effect me or anything about the gospel that really pierces my heart. Besides that I won't shed a tear. Well in short the movie was really good and I enjoyed it. But note to all guys if you go with girls they will cry so be prepared for the tissue box.By the time I get home I was dead tired. Well I got home did some hw,ate some dinner watched the American idol results show and then I was zonked(asleep).

yada yada I had sat.... wait back up ...accident?! Well I didn't pee my pants but I was about to after what happened 1:23 p.m. at the MCC institute parking lot. I don't even want to tell the blogging world what happened cuz its too complicated and the whole situation was dumb. This was her car,my car was okay.Ahh well after that whole situation I went to work.I love my job its the best. When people ask me what I do I reply"I play with kids". Of course there are some immature people that make jokes off of what I say but for my job I have fun with kids. Its awesome. For instance I played Foosball,speed,4 square and ping pong and got $10 an hour. Yeah Be jealous. After work I went to my sisters house to watch my 3 little princesses Sage,Faith and Jane. I was about to plan a date but in turn I went on a date with my nieces. They seriously were angels. I got there they started to watch snow white. I ate diner,after the movie I played some primary hymns on the ukulele they brushed their teeth,said their prayers,got tucked in. I even told them the story of Hercules and David and Goliath. They quickly went to bed after. I love my nieces they are the best and they make me proud of how great they are.

Good Friday,and it was. I had only had 1 class then I volunteered at my work for some service hours for my leisure class. Then I came home and edged,mowed and blowed my front and back yards. So fun,let me tell ya. After that I went to the Easter Pageant. Wow it was soo crowded,no joke. But luckfully I had some city of mesa privileges and found a sweet parking spot,within 2 minutes. Yeah it rocked. Well me,Tyler and Chloe sat by David and Jamie Neilson and it was awesome. Even though we didn't have the best seats,it was my personal best Easter pageant experience ever. It truly was great. The spirit was so strong during the pageant and the whole spirit of the temple was great. Afterwords we went to Chloe's where I we watched Hairspray.It was great.

Wake up at 7. Uh...too early for a weekend. Lucky me had work from 7:30-2. Yup that meant no Saturday conference for me. I caught some of the later afternoon session but missed most of it. I instead had the opportunity to get good hours for work=money :) But for this job for city of mesa parks and recreation I was in charge of inflatables. They are really heavy and not fun to move. Besides that after getting it moved and blown up I just made sure me and little kids didn't kill themselves. I also got a good sunburn. After work I watched 20 minutes of conference,took a nap and went to priesthood. Priesthood was awesome! Everything about it,I loved every talk and I didn't fall asleep. Echoing what t. Pete said priesthood was so great because it was really focused towards people going on missions. Priesthood never fails to be the best session of conference,not to mention Byu men's chorus. Sorry Girls. After priesthood I had myself some Arby's with my dad and brothers then went over to Chloe's with some people and played some M.A.S.H.

oh man I love Easter Sunday. What a better way to wake up with a basket full or peeps,and Easter eggs filled with candy. Ah yeah after seeing what the Easter bunny left for me I went to the conference breakfast buffet. Yum,fruit salad and poppy-seed muffins. Then conference was awesome and I stayed up the whole time. It was really great and I loved it. After the first session I watched that awesome documentary of motab(morman tabernacle choir) on tour. Now I want to join motab really bad. Then I watched second session and fell asleep for the last 35 minutes(don't judge) but I woke up for president monson. I will have to catch up on what I missed because everything that I watched was so inspired and great. After conference we had a huge Easter dinner that was very delish. Following our dinner we played ping pong ate some strawberry dream cake and then had the Easter egg hunt. All the little kids were running as fast as they could,it was great fun.Plus I found an egg and got to the candy! haha Later that night I had a song practice then I practiced some primary uke songs. Good Stuff.

Welp that was my busy week,some ups some downs. Life is a roller coaster. With that said its important to find our many tender mercies and blessings that we experience every day. Its easy to find whats hard in life but its more uplifting and comforting recognizing the many blessings we receive daily. This week with the Easter Pageant,Easter and conference I have gained my testimony about love. Many people love us,family,friends and others. They help us in great ways supporting us and helping us. But more importantly Heavenly Father loves us so much that he restored the gospel,gave us the plan of salvation and most of all sent down his son. The love that Christ demonstrated from a young age till his death is a true testament of his love and how we can show our love to others.

If you really love me you'll comment! haha

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I Wake Up in the Morning Feelin Like P-Diddy

Okay so everyone wakes up in the morning but do you feel like P-Diddy? Waking up like P-Diddy pretty much means that you wake up feeling great. Well I think thats what kesha meant but you never know with her. So ya I wake up every morning and feel great but I don't ever want to wake up feelin like p-diddy combes or whatever you call him. I mean look at him. Need I say more? I don't even need the bling,tattoos,shades,hat to side and leather pants to look good. But I guess he does. My boi B could bust a rap better than diddy any day. And you know how diddy owns sean john clothing or whatever? yeah all my friends are models and all of them have much better style then him so he can't even compete. L.A.B. and friends 1 P-diddy 0. So now that's out of the way...I am going to talk about why mornings are so awesome.

I have decided that mornings are the best because of the following reasons:
Funny,feel good stretches and yawns
Warm Showers
Prayer and Study
What gets you up and going to get you out of your cosy bed? For me its the brightest star in the Galaxy.In my room I have my walls painted dark blue,which is great for sleeping. I have this problem though sometimes when my room is so dark my bed is found calling my name. Lucas....lucas....But what wakes me up? yeah its the sunrise,thanks sun for not letting me be too lazy!

Now onto yawns and funny feel good stretches. I love how the first thing I do when I open my eyes is to find the weirdest positions to make a stretch that feels so awesome. I might look ridiculous when doing it but what are you going to do about it? Oh yeah and yawns are so refreshing and their contagious I believe so spread the yawning love.

Okay on to Bedhead.After a good nights rest its just awesome to wake up to rock star hair. I mean the first thing in the morning you see in the mirror is how awesome you styled your hair,overnight,mid-sleep!awsomeness...

Warm Showers. Aww yeah! Well here is the thing. In the bodine home if you want a warm shower you have to wake up early to get the hottest water. So the earlier you wake up the better shower temperature you get. For instance this Saturday I get the chance of the warmest shower. Hot,morning showers is like my mini sauna for the day and really wakes me up and going.

Prayer and Study. Really looking at it the best part of my day is in the morning because that's when I start my day off by praying and reading my scriptures. Also that's the best time that I attend the temple at. In the morning all the junk is out of my head and so I have that much more to apply that to my reading and spiritual breakfast. This part of the morning keeps me ticking. What a good way to start off the day knowing that you've talked to your heavenly father,read about great prophets and learning by the spirit knowing that your on the lords side and his errands.
I'll get off my pre-mission soap box now haha.Here is some good stuff,read it,it rocks

The early bird gets the worm. Well here is a little fact you might not know about me,I love to cook in the morning. Yup chief bodine right here. During the week I am so busy that a good 65-75% of the time I leave the door eating nothing but when I do eat breakfast its no less than amazing. Some things I usually cook in the morning is English muffins,blueberry bagels,suniside up eggs,french toast,waffles,omelets and a recent favorite of mine the egg McMuffin with a glass of milk and plenty of Tabasco sauce to put on.Yummm

And to top it off, productiveness. Looking closer on how I use my mornings I get most of my work done then.All of my classes are in the morning and so I learn then most then. I also get all my spiritual and school study in that I need daily. I also do random side jobs that need to get done in the mornings.

I have to admit I love sleep and it is hard to wake up but think of the things you can experience and get done without sleeping in late.



Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Conclusive Factors of Blogs

Attention all bloggers,

Yes the rumors are true,not false or fiction.
I Lucas Alan Bodine committed to a blog.
This is a start to "a new way of life" blogger cloyd states.
In these posts you will better understand the mind of L.A.B.

Now to business.

Conclusive Factors of Blogs
To some a blog might seem wasteful or of no use. I however am going to make a stance that there are many positive cognitive effects of the Blog.
As a fresh blogger as myself ,typing for a first post,it is important to consider all options before committing to a blog. Are you committed?
Here are 3 reasons to commit to a blog.
Fiscal: "I got my mind on the money and money on my mind" as quoted by pop star Rhianna. By simply posting once a week think of the amount of bloggers staring and happening to see advertisements. By creating an appealing blog to all I could possibly get advertisements and over throw the rule of the busy bee. I will ask cloyd to post statistics on our profits at a later time.With that said making an attractive blog will help aid me in my pursuit of the green.
Intellectual: A good friend of mine Socrates said, "I know that I am intelligent,because I know that I know nothing". According to Socrates words, I know nothing. By blogging I will continue to grow in learning nothing which will improve my intelligence.
Social: Mesa Community College Recreation and Service Learning Professor,Duane Oakes often says in his Leisure and the Quality of Life lecture, "Play is the brains favorite way of learning". Tying back to the intellectual factors but applying to social factors as well. Being intertwined in the blogisphere I know I will automatically make more relationships and things called friends,as well as improving superb relationships.
In conclusion:there are many postive effects of a blog. Fiscal,Intellectual and Social reasons. If you have any questions,comments or concerns about effects of blogging please don't hesitate to contact l.a.b. by commenting below. Till next report,adieu.