Lucas Bodine

Lucas Bodine

Sunday, April 18, 2010

An Hourglass and a Pocket Watch

So this past week I have been thinking about the classic phrase...
Time fly's when your having fun. Given what I've been thinking this week I have thought about a few things that I can attest to that time really does fly by.

Today I texted a few of my friends, You know time fly's by when.... here are some of there answers
-6 of my friends said when your having fun(yes that is so true but not very creative)
-when your brother is wearing your handy-ups
-when you need to go to the bathroom
-when you need to clip your toe nails
-when you're reading the BOM(Book of Mormon)
-when you're on vacation
-when you're happy(one of my fav's,props emily!)
-when a clock is thrown
-when your playing hide and go seek then the next thing you know your growing a beard
-when you're with your boyfriend for the night and you look at you're phone and its already 5 a.m.
-when you fall asleep
-when you're at all-state
-when hair starts growing out of your nose
-when there's 3 seconds left on the shot clock for the win!
-when you realize we graduated a year ago!
-when our lips touch,no homo so it'd better be a girl....
-when you think its april 12th and its april 17th
-when you're flying(all the time zone changes n stuff)
-when you're parasailing
-when you are with the people who you love the most
-when you're stairing at the back of lucas' head

Welp there were some interesting answers. I asked people with a variety of religions,age,gender,etc... I felt of this as my mini scientific experiment haha. Its funny to see my friends answer 1 simple question and the answers that you get.

Now you will get my list of when lucas thinks that time is flying by when....
-I am leaving for a mission for 7 weeks
-that a year of college is almost over
-most of my guy friends are gone on missions
-I am getting to play rhapsody in blue for my first time! :)
-I get invites for weddings from my friends
-I realize that I am an uncle of 5 with 3 on the way!
-that I have been working for the city of mesa since I was 14
-I am now wearing garments
-I am in my last year of teenage years
-I have a legit church calling.

Those are a few of the things that make me feel that time is flying by. Welp till next time see ya later blogisphere,I've got some time flying activities to take part of.

Peace out.



  1. yes!! mine was the best. woop.

  2. Ok- I have to disagree with the person who said when you need to go to the bathroom. Totally don't agree with that one! Time goes by SOOO slow when you have to go to the bathroom!

  3. Definitely one of my favorite posts!! You had some really good insight that really made me think about my life and what in my life is flying by me.
    Thanks Lucas. It's just what I needed. You're great and so is this post! Love you!

  4. Lucas, I loved reading this post. It was legit, just like you!!