Lucas Bodine

Lucas Bodine

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Tissue Box

Yello,blogging world. I know you have been waiting on your toes anxiously for my next post so here ya go.

Well If you guys didn't notice I had a poll going on for a week or two on my blog and in the poll I asked what I should blog about
A. School-0
C.Random Things-1
D. Social life-3

1: five votes people? Come on people your better than that!
2: I guess I will dedicate this post to my social life

To start off most of my social life is on the weekend so...welp on Friday I went to school and went to work then went straight to Red Mountain Institute Building. Me,Jackson,Caleb Frost and Jeff sang Lead Kindly Light at this huge jambaraba thing. It was a huge fireside of young men from 18 local stakes and at the fireside President Lesuire the area president of mesa and the 5th quorum of the 70 spoke and Sister and President Beck(the General Young Men's President). The fireside was so great. President Leisure bore an awesome testimony. Sister Beck talked about being a child of god. She asked all young men to stand and we sang all 4 verses of I am a Child of God. The Spirit was so strong and wow! Then we sang and we rocked it and pres. beck spoke about the priesthood and conversion and missions. It was a very cool meeting and I got to shake everyones hands,in all the meeting was great

After the meeting me and Pete treated Kaitlyn and Chloe to some tasty sonic and we chatted like old people do. Kaitlyn and Chloe were holding Kaitlyn's little niece and nephew while me and Tyler talked about missions,sports and stuff. We all came to a conclusion that was what we would do when we want to "hang out" as we get older.

After getting 5 short hours of sleep I woke up for Shape Up Arizona Expo! Wohoo....Phych! Longest day of my life. It was this huge health expo at MCC and I pretty much advertised city of mesa parks and recreation for 7 hours in the sun....great. But it wasn't that bad cuz me and my boss(a really cool lady named Cindy Hunt) chatted allot and I got almost $90 in 1 day so it was pretty good.

After taking a much needed nap after my long day of work I went to Mountain View's play,Little Workshop of Horrors
What a weird play,but it was well worth the $6 spent.It was so nice being able to watch it for the first time in 4 years. Not having to worry about a call time or to practice the music or any of that. Good job mv. Tanner Elsworth voice of the plant+Lynzi Richardson's amazing acting/singing skillz resulted in them stealing the show. They were great.Props. I also sat by Ben Williams. He is a stud. And I sat by Aubry Nobel soon to be denton(she is engaged to Chris Denton) And when talking to Chris I got Greg's email so I am excited to write Greg about some info about good ol Edmonton!

Now for the fun part of my social weekend...NOT! Instead of hanging out with my great friends I told myself to go home because I didn't feel to well.I woke up with the feeling of yuck. No bueno. I then got all my Sunday assignment covered and stayed home from church to spend time with my friends Vick's NyQuil cold/flu

and the tissue box...great...

P.S. I leave in my mission in 50 gets out in 4 weeks and people from byu are coming down in less than two weeks,miss you guys! :) Crazy how time flys...


  1. and by people coming down you mean me :) let's face it miss me. riiiight? well i miss you. Great post. sorry you were sick that's no fun:( glad you're better though and i hope you have a great week! see you soon!!

    p.s. is that really YOUR tissue box?? My friend up here has that one! nice.

  2. Good post Lucas! got sick last week, too! it's not fun... I hope you're feeling better!

    one word of advice: less is sometimes more :)

  3. aww i'm sorry you were sick that is ALWAYS. the worst. i loved this post though it kept me very entertained!! :)

  4. I can't wait till were older and our wives can take care of kids while we talk about sports and stuff. Thats how it should be.

  5. Haha, Kaitlyn and I sound like the typical house wives, even though none of us are married. That made me laugh! I am sorry you have been sick, that is no fun.

  6. Oh our cute babies!! We should do that night again, that rocked. Ok bye. I liked this post! p.s. thanks for talking to me today on the phone when i almost got pulled over!