Lucas Bodine

Lucas Bodine

Monday, April 5, 2010

A week in the life of L.A.B.

Hello again blogging world. Its been awhile since we've last seen each other. Sorry I have been super busy this past week no joke. So to update y'all I'll tell you about my week. Caution this post is a long one so buckle in.

BIRTHDAY! Yup Monday March 29th I turned age 19. It was a pleasant day full of great food and great friends. The Saturday before me and my family celebrated it on Saturday so that my dad could be there before he left for Yuma(in case you didn't know my dad works Monday-Friday in Yuma.Not the best situation but we are lucky to have a dad with a job in these hard times right now. He comes up on the weekends so that's when I see him.) So to celebrate me and my mom went to cosco to pick up my 2 year prescription of contacts that I am barley getting. And I got some stylin new glasses. The first few days of contacts were very frustrating but now I am loving them. I can finally see. After that we went to Norstrom Rack and got 2 pairs of Ecco's. I was suggested to get these certain brand of shoes and with they had to be slip on's cuz I will be taking off my shoe's whenever I go into a Canadian house. So I got 2 pairs of these ecco's that are normal $200 a pair but I got 2 pairs for $200. Awesome deal. I also got a towel and 6 shirts and I already got a suit so I am almost done with my mission shopping. In addition to my birthday gifts we went to Famous Dave's. Its a bbq place and it was tasty nuff said. So Even though I celebrated my bday on Saturday I had some people come over to my house on my birthday and drop off some gifts and then me and my mom went to costa for some dinner. Overall great day.

This day was school Leisure and the Quality of Life and Choir. Wohoo. Its school. I love my classes,they rock. So this day I had tons of hw and of course I got my American idol fill for 2 hours that night! haha

I have class on Monday,Wednesday till 4:15 so that takes up the most of my day. Oh yeah that night two of my good friends Kaitlyn and Chloe invited me to watch the last song. I had a freebie pass to the movies and I had nothing else going,why not.I knew it was going to be a chick flick but Kaitlyn and Chloe are my good friends so I knew I would have a good time regardless. Well in the movie...well you need to watch it. Its full of drama about parents,love and stupid teenagers. During the movie I found my two friends using ALL of the napkins for the popcorn because they were bawling. I didn't shed a tear. I hardly cry. I cry for sad things that happen that effect me or anything about the gospel that really pierces my heart. Besides that I won't shed a tear. Well in short the movie was really good and I enjoyed it. But note to all guys if you go with girls they will cry so be prepared for the tissue box.By the time I get home I was dead tired. Well I got home did some hw,ate some dinner watched the American idol results show and then I was zonked(asleep).

yada yada I had sat.... wait back up ...accident?! Well I didn't pee my pants but I was about to after what happened 1:23 p.m. at the MCC institute parking lot. I don't even want to tell the blogging world what happened cuz its too complicated and the whole situation was dumb. This was her car,my car was okay.Ahh well after that whole situation I went to work.I love my job its the best. When people ask me what I do I reply"I play with kids". Of course there are some immature people that make jokes off of what I say but for my job I have fun with kids. Its awesome. For instance I played Foosball,speed,4 square and ping pong and got $10 an hour. Yeah Be jealous. After work I went to my sisters house to watch my 3 little princesses Sage,Faith and Jane. I was about to plan a date but in turn I went on a date with my nieces. They seriously were angels. I got there they started to watch snow white. I ate diner,after the movie I played some primary hymns on the ukulele they brushed their teeth,said their prayers,got tucked in. I even told them the story of Hercules and David and Goliath. They quickly went to bed after. I love my nieces they are the best and they make me proud of how great they are.

Good Friday,and it was. I had only had 1 class then I volunteered at my work for some service hours for my leisure class. Then I came home and edged,mowed and blowed my front and back yards. So fun,let me tell ya. After that I went to the Easter Pageant. Wow it was soo crowded,no joke. But luckfully I had some city of mesa privileges and found a sweet parking spot,within 2 minutes. Yeah it rocked. Well me,Tyler and Chloe sat by David and Jamie Neilson and it was awesome. Even though we didn't have the best seats,it was my personal best Easter pageant experience ever. It truly was great. The spirit was so strong during the pageant and the whole spirit of the temple was great. Afterwords we went to Chloe's where I we watched Hairspray.It was great.

Wake up at 7. Uh...too early for a weekend. Lucky me had work from 7:30-2. Yup that meant no Saturday conference for me. I caught some of the later afternoon session but missed most of it. I instead had the opportunity to get good hours for work=money :) But for this job for city of mesa parks and recreation I was in charge of inflatables. They are really heavy and not fun to move. Besides that after getting it moved and blown up I just made sure me and little kids didn't kill themselves. I also got a good sunburn. After work I watched 20 minutes of conference,took a nap and went to priesthood. Priesthood was awesome! Everything about it,I loved every talk and I didn't fall asleep. Echoing what t. Pete said priesthood was so great because it was really focused towards people going on missions. Priesthood never fails to be the best session of conference,not to mention Byu men's chorus. Sorry Girls. After priesthood I had myself some Arby's with my dad and brothers then went over to Chloe's with some people and played some M.A.S.H.

oh man I love Easter Sunday. What a better way to wake up with a basket full or peeps,and Easter eggs filled with candy. Ah yeah after seeing what the Easter bunny left for me I went to the conference breakfast buffet. Yum,fruit salad and poppy-seed muffins. Then conference was awesome and I stayed up the whole time. It was really great and I loved it. After the first session I watched that awesome documentary of motab(morman tabernacle choir) on tour. Now I want to join motab really bad. Then I watched second session and fell asleep for the last 35 minutes(don't judge) but I woke up for president monson. I will have to catch up on what I missed because everything that I watched was so inspired and great. After conference we had a huge Easter dinner that was very delish. Following our dinner we played ping pong ate some strawberry dream cake and then had the Easter egg hunt. All the little kids were running as fast as they could,it was great fun.Plus I found an egg and got to the candy! haha Later that night I had a song practice then I practiced some primary uke songs. Good Stuff.

Welp that was my busy week,some ups some downs. Life is a roller coaster. With that said its important to find our many tender mercies and blessings that we experience every day. Its easy to find whats hard in life but its more uplifting and comforting recognizing the many blessings we receive daily. This week with the Easter Pageant,Easter and conference I have gained my testimony about love. Many people love us,family,friends and others. They help us in great ways supporting us and helping us. But more importantly Heavenly Father loves us so much that he restored the gospel,gave us the plan of salvation and most of all sent down his son. The love that Christ demonstrated from a young age till his death is a true testament of his love and how we can show our love to others.

If you really love me you'll comment! haha


  1. I think this blog post took me about 15 minutes to read.
    But I still loved it1 I love hearing about the life of L.A.B. Even though I knew most of it! You do rock, and I also love how you used the word "luckfully" under your Friday post.

  2. Oh man, I'm so sad I missed the Easter Pageant this year. I'm so glad you had such a great experience.


  3. Dude Easter Pageant was awesome! I agree with everything you said in this post! The church is true! Everywhere! I loved BYU mens choir version Iron Rod. That was awesome! This week was crazy for everyone! It makes me happy to see that you still find the things in life that make you happy because being happy these days is very important! Oh and good luck with your marriage ha

  4. Never seen the Easter Pagent... Love the fact that you included that you bought a towel... haha. And um... LOVE The Last Song. I totally bawled the entire second half of the movie! And walked out crying, it was amazing. And ya know what, we have General Young Women's/ Relief Society so you should be jealous too! That is all. :)

  5. Luc i can't believe you are a blogger! And yes, you are mentioned every so often on mine! Of course-how could I not mention such a wonderful brother and uncle!

  6. Yay Easter Pageant!!!! It really is the best. :) Glad you had such a great experience!

  7. I love your new glasses! I love that you liked the last song... I want to see it. thanks for the advice about tissue. I love that you love the Easter Pageant and that it was great for you! I'm jealous I couldn't see it this year... And I love that you love conference and Priesthood. Sometimes I wish I'm a boy so I could watch priesthood. Dang you boys.

  8. ok i meant to say, sometimes i wish i was a boy... :) oops