Lucas Bodine

Lucas Bodine

Friday, May 28, 2010

I'm Trying to be Like Jesus

So I am speaking in church this Sunday! and my topic is "How developing Christlike attributes helps us better share the gospel". With that I have been pondering what to say so why not go to my blog for some inspiration! What do you do to help you to be like Jesus?

Also incase your wondering this is going to be a place where my mom will post some of my emails on the mish and some pics too. I might change it to Elder L.A.B. or make it all missionary like and super sharp looking. So either drastic or sudden changes the blog "behind the mind of L.A.B." will be made.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Not Flashlights but Flashbacks

On this latest edition of behind the mind of lab I had a flashback from what my life was like a year ago.

According to wikipedia a flashback is a involuntary recurrent memory, a psychological phenomenon in which an individual has a sudden, usually powerful, re-experiencing of a past experience or elements of a past experience. These experiences can be happy, sad, exciting, any emotion one can consider.The term is used particularly when the memory is recalled involuntarily, and/or when it is so intense that the person "relives" the experience, unable to fully recognize it as memory and not something that is happening in "real time".

With that said everyone has had a flashback or two. And don't judge that I am citing wikipedia. I think its dumb with teachers won't count wikipediea as a credible source because wikipediea for a good majority of its material has its sources at the bottom of the website.

I also love it when they make flashbacks in movies like when they show the ending at the beginning then show the whole movie. It makes you really think about whats happening.Well I am off topic again woops.

A year ago today I was stressing about high school. I know high school? really? Yeah,I am 100% convinced that I actually needed to try a little bit in high school,compared to MCC where I don't study and read my textbooks yet get straight A's.

A year ago I was in my last Broadway review and jazz band concert. Sad but fun. I miss playing my trumpet,allot...especially JAZZ! You may think I am nerd for liking jazz but I don't care. I listen to KJAZZ every night that I can. I replace my need to play jazz trumpet by playing trumpet for the East Valley Mormon Choir Organization and being in Vocal Jazz at MCC. Moving on....Broadway review. So I saw mv's review a night or two ago and it really brought back some memories. Uptown girls,Guys and dolls,Rock Medly,Oh What a Night(here is a link that you should click on if you want to listen to awesomeness!)!v=t3RqEl9s6NI&feature=related,CATS! and Tearin up my heart. Good times with some great people.

A year ago I had no clue what I was going to do for school. Thinking about ASU,NAU,MCC,YUMA? yeah asu was a no go too expensive and not really there for the student. Yuma I dreaded the thought but with my dad living in yuma it was an option. NAU I got accepted and got a scholarship but was to expensive. BYU? all my friends went and I was anti-byu. Plus I know they wouldn't have accepted me so I didn't apply. MCC was my frontrunner. Its a great school,even though I dissed it about how easy it is I really love it allot. Go Thunderbirds!

A year ago today I graduated high school! Crazy to think about it! I loved every minute of my graduation. I have to admit I didn't know what to expect with life after graduation. Lots of questions...will I see him or her ever again? what will happen to my friends? Who is going to get married first?Who will be leaving or going on missions? Is college going to be really hard? What will happen when everyone is gone to school or missions? When do I leave on my mission?

Yeah that's what was going through my head around graduation. Its nuts to see how peoples lives changing with a few of my friends engaged or getting married. A large majority of my guy friends are already serving and they are serving honorably! I survived my first year after graduation. I am going to go on a mission! Surprisingly life changes allot in 1 year.

Welp there is a flashback of mine,enjoy.

P.S. So I guess my family actually reads my blog...I had no clue! haha so anyone in my familia thats reading this don't worry I will write about you at least once before I leave!

P.S.S. I leave in 12 days :)


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yo I am gona make a shoutout to my homies...

Welp the inspiration for this blog post is shoutouts. Wherever or whenever you have a chance to complement others is a great opportunity. Everyone loves compliments and I like when people compliment me so here are some shout outs to some of my great friends that have been really great to me,especially for my stay at MCC and pre-mish waiting. I am going to do this in an alphabetical order so here we go....

Alexandra Adams
Welp me and her are great friends. One day she will be on so you think you can dance(we both have matching sytycd shirts). But yeah she is uber funny and chilliax. She has a great taste in music,just ask to steal one of her cd mixes. She is awesome.
Ashlyn Soelberg
Wow ashlyn is so great,let me tell ya. She is one of the most friendliest person I have ever met. She is always asking if everything is going good and making sure that she can help people out in anyway that she can. Weird but I knew ashlyn even before I met her because of the Bodine and Soelberg children knew each other so well. But I am so glad me and ashlyn are great friends,we can seriously talk about anything for a good amount of time too :) haha I love her whole family,they are great. Ashlyn loves to blog stalk me so there is my shoutout to Ashlyn!
Benjamin Williams
Ben is a stud. I don't know how he does it. Girls just somehow seem to flock to him. He is keeps on rockin it around good ol mountain view. Oh did I mention he is the Michael Phelps of track/cross country. Yeah he is that good. Go look at his sports illustrated spread in mv's year book.Props ben
Caleb Allred
Caleb is a cool kid. He is gone for navoo or Missouri or someplace in the Midwest doing a performing mission. This guy has skillz he can sing and dance,that is an accomplishment. Even though he has a very lax sense of time and deadlines he still gets it done. Me and Caleb have a schweet handshake that very few can even attempt. He has mad pipes and dances like Chris Brown. He is funny.Caleb Cloyd Barton
Some call him ccb,maleb,caleb,calob,raymond,elmo,k-luv or cloyd. I can say that this guy is dang awesome. He plays drums,need I elaborate? okay I will. His drum set is sooo sexy wow dw's,you should go see em,its a masterpiece. He always has bomb date idea's even though his dad gives him all the ideas and he takes credit for them and when I have bomb date idea's he will say that he only follows through but whatever. I would say that the Barton's house is my second home,I eat leftover weekend barros pizza from their fridge like its my job. His family rocks. His dad might even get me a bow tie before I leave. He is leaving for Scotland/Ireland soon,what a cool place to go,well that's Caleb Barton for ya.
Chloe Nielson
Before my senior year I thought of Chloe as some cute girl that I didn't know very well. But over senior year and this past year we have become great friends. With being in stuco together, having culture nights,being a thunder bird, going on big trips,we have learned allot about each other. 2 things for 1 we always know how to have fun and 2 we rock. Chloe is always the master plans to what all our friends are doing on the weekends. Even though her dog hates me and she won't realize that me and Natalie are dating,we are still great friends. She always got my back and somehow seems to be the person that I watch glee and any chick flick with haha Chloe you rock! Christiaan Schimd
Welp me and christiaan became friends because our friends were friends. Being 100% honest I didn't know what to think when he joined our group of friends senior year but I have learned that he is a cool dude. I don't consider him my friend who is still in high school or younger than me but instead as a friend. His Madagascar quotes of moto moto that are hilarious,the weird thing he does with suit jackets(btw he has tight suits and ties) and all the mad hookups from his relatives are some of things I have learned about him. He also has a sweet sub in his truck,its always exciting to hear his latest favorite song. After learning how to spell Chirstiaan with two a's,that's when I realized that he is a good friend of mine. Devin Duane Oakes
How could you not be a friend of someone who's middle name is Duane! haha I am so glad that I have had a friend like Devin. We have been there for each other through thick and thin. We met each other in the hood at kino and have been great friends since. He was a lifesaver for me sophomore year. We both didn't have many friends but being in band and choir over the years we became unstoppable. Well right now he is in ideeho. He is a Zone Leader(the youngest in mission history). Yeah he is tearin up the mission Field. He is growing up so much its not even funny. When I read and write him I ask myself,Is this a huge spiritual giant or my friend? Answering my question every time I have both. He is a great example in my life. I am and was always jealous about his success in everything. I swear whatever he does he excels at it. I am glad for devin,he is a great example to me. I can't wait to join in the work with him soon! Emily Peterson
Emily Emily Emily. She rocks. I love how she is herself at all times and doesn't care about what others think. I love how when she tells you things she tells you how it is straight up. She says things how they are, and I admire her honesty in everything she does. Emily is someone that turns dull moments into memorable moments. She loves life and you can notice that(just hang out with her).She also has some of the best dance moves I have ever seen :) Even though Idaho and Utah stole her from me thank goodness she updated her blog so I could keep up with her life. I also must say out of all my friends shes got one of the best blogs.I am glad to be around her company this summer before I leave and before she leaves for more excursions.
Hudson Halm
I miss this guys so much its not even funny. I remember many of days and nights just sitting in Hudson's front room,him playing piano and singing and me wishing I could play and instrument as good as him while I sing along. I have spent many hours with hudson in my high school and post high school career. I have learned so much about his life and his family's life,they are amazing. I love hudson story's,they are hilarious hahahahah good memories. I would say some stuff but they are all inside jokes that no one else would understand. Welp hudson is in GHANA! wow,seeing his pictures and writing him a little bit I know that he is doing great there. I would have a hard time going to ghana but hudson is loving it. Miss ya hud bud. Kaitlyn Dwiggins
Me and kaitlyn are great friends,yup be jealous. We talk till 3 in the morning and sometimes she even calls me at 3 in the morning too! hahaha. We always know whats happening in eachothers life and we talk it out. She is the one person who I can talk glee and American Idol to. I have learned that kaitlyn is a very caring person and wants everyone to be comfortable. Kaitlyn is always there to listen to my complaints about things and whatever is on my mind. Oh yeah and me and kaitlyn have been on so many dates its hard to count haha. Love ya K-dwig! Tyler Pete Arnett
Welp some call him tyler some call him pete,I call him both. Looking back to it me and him have been friends about a 1 year or so. I always knew about tyler because he hung with caleb allred and hudson but I never really got to know him till Senior year. Tyler is one hilarious guy. Really though. He doesn't even try to be funny but its just him being himself. Tyler always has an opinion about things and he makes it heard if you want to hear. I havent heard so many things about avatar(the last air bender),Taylor swift and toro football. Tyler was set apart tonight to be a missionary. I know he will be a great missionary.I love waking up early to go to the temple and he would go with me. I am glad that he was my temple buddy. Having going to the temple,hearing his talk and being his friend I know he will be an instrument in the lords hands.

Welp if your thinking lucas is a stalker and has all these pictures of everyone your wrong. I pulled it off of their facebook. Also if your thinking what the heck lucas didn't talk about me. Sorry if I didn't feature you or anything. You are still a great friend to me and we can always learn to be better friends as well! haha

I am greatful for my friends they are so great. They have helped me become who I am today and who I will become. I am so fortunate to have a group where I have postitive peer pressure and that my friends have the best standards in the world! To anyone who is reading this,thanks for being my friend!


P.S. I leave in 21 days....whoah.... :)