Lucas Bodine

Lucas Bodine

Monday, August 30, 2010

Dog Bite in Red Deer

Last Monday was a national holiday here in Canada. It was Heritage Day. I don't even know what Holiday it celebrates either do the Canadians! But that meant I couldn't email. I use the public library downtown and it was closed so hence I could not email. I know kind of a bummer but its alright. I am catching up on two weeks worth of email. So some quick highlights:
Two weeks ago I had the chance to go to Red Deer Airport for pday. I got to sit in the cockpit and pretend start the plane,it made for some good pictures. I got bit by a Rottweiler. It was pretty crazy,I thought my arm was going to fall off. We were talking to this guy named tony and his dog came up to us and was pretty friendly then I petted the dog and it snapped and bit me. It wasn't too bad though. It barley broke skin. Mom I am 100% fine. I don't know if I will be petting any big dogs like that ever again but I am good.

This week I found out that a less active guy we visit has been visiting the baptist church for about a month or two,never would have known if he didn't tell us. I heard come crazy stories from a guy who went to his mission to Mexico and he also asked me about the AZ Immigration Law. Whenever I say I am from Arizona one of the first things they ask is what I think of the Bill. I have to avoid that every single time. I went on exchanges with my district leader Elder Phelps. He is a pro swimmer,seriously. He is Micheal Phelps' cousin and he almost traveled to Beijing with the Olympic team. He is a good soul.
Our main investigator Gaylord Samulde has been digressing. He missed church for the 2nd straight week after having going 6 weeks straight. We will keep working with him but its been a little bit disappointing with what he is choosing to do. But we have to respect his agency. With a less progressing investigator,always brings a new progressing investigator.

My zone leader Elder Richards who is from Mesa,he went to Highland. He just got called up to Edmonton to be the new Assistant to the President. That was pretty exciting news. So that meant I got a new zone leader. His name is Elder Head. He is really cool. I got a package and 3 letters! Thank you mom and Millet family! Yesterday in church me and Elder Chappell performed in sacrament meeting. I sang and he played the piano to Lead Kindly Light. It was so awesome! I hope I can have more companions like Elder Chappell who can play piano.

Today sometime I find out what will happen with transfers. Transfer meeting is on Wednesday but sometime today I will find out. There is lots of speculation the week before so I am just glad that after today is over I will find out. Whatever happens,happens. It is all by inspiration and I know that the area where I need to be is by revelation. The work has been not as successful as other weeks but something I have learned is that its not about numbers its about people and their salvation. If I have done anything to help them get closer to that goal then I have succeeded. Missionary is work its not easy but I know that the lord delivers. The church is true. It just makes sense.