Lucas Bodine

Lucas Bodine

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I Wake Up in the Morning Feelin Like P-Diddy

Okay so everyone wakes up in the morning but do you feel like P-Diddy? Waking up like P-Diddy pretty much means that you wake up feeling great. Well I think thats what kesha meant but you never know with her. So ya I wake up every morning and feel great but I don't ever want to wake up feelin like p-diddy combes or whatever you call him. I mean look at him. Need I say more? I don't even need the bling,tattoos,shades,hat to side and leather pants to look good. But I guess he does. My boi B could bust a rap better than diddy any day. And you know how diddy owns sean john clothing or whatever? yeah all my friends are models and all of them have much better style then him so he can't even compete. L.A.B. and friends 1 P-diddy 0. So now that's out of the way...I am going to talk about why mornings are so awesome.

I have decided that mornings are the best because of the following reasons:
Funny,feel good stretches and yawns
Warm Showers
Prayer and Study
What gets you up and going to get you out of your cosy bed? For me its the brightest star in the Galaxy.In my room I have my walls painted dark blue,which is great for sleeping. I have this problem though sometimes when my room is so dark my bed is found calling my name. Lucas....lucas....But what wakes me up? yeah its the sunrise,thanks sun for not letting me be too lazy!

Now onto yawns and funny feel good stretches. I love how the first thing I do when I open my eyes is to find the weirdest positions to make a stretch that feels so awesome. I might look ridiculous when doing it but what are you going to do about it? Oh yeah and yawns are so refreshing and their contagious I believe so spread the yawning love.

Okay on to Bedhead.After a good nights rest its just awesome to wake up to rock star hair. I mean the first thing in the morning you see in the mirror is how awesome you styled your hair,overnight,mid-sleep!awsomeness...

Warm Showers. Aww yeah! Well here is the thing. In the bodine home if you want a warm shower you have to wake up early to get the hottest water. So the earlier you wake up the better shower temperature you get. For instance this Saturday I get the chance of the warmest shower. Hot,morning showers is like my mini sauna for the day and really wakes me up and going.

Prayer and Study. Really looking at it the best part of my day is in the morning because that's when I start my day off by praying and reading my scriptures. Also that's the best time that I attend the temple at. In the morning all the junk is out of my head and so I have that much more to apply that to my reading and spiritual breakfast. This part of the morning keeps me ticking. What a good way to start off the day knowing that you've talked to your heavenly father,read about great prophets and learning by the spirit knowing that your on the lords side and his errands.
I'll get off my pre-mission soap box now haha.Here is some good stuff,read it,it rocks

The early bird gets the worm. Well here is a little fact you might not know about me,I love to cook in the morning. Yup chief bodine right here. During the week I am so busy that a good 65-75% of the time I leave the door eating nothing but when I do eat breakfast its no less than amazing. Some things I usually cook in the morning is English muffins,blueberry bagels,suniside up eggs,french toast,waffles,omelets and a recent favorite of mine the egg McMuffin with a glass of milk and plenty of Tabasco sauce to put on.Yummm

And to top it off, productiveness. Looking closer on how I use my mornings I get most of my work done then.All of my classes are in the morning and so I learn then most then. I also get all my spiritual and school study in that I need daily. I also do random side jobs that need to get done in the mornings.

I have to admit I love sleep and it is hard to wake up but think of the things you can experience and get done without sleeping in late.




  1. I just woke up like ten minutes ago and I feel better right now than I've felt all week waking up at a normal time. You got one thing right. I am way better looking than Diddy.

  2. funny post. i'm much more of a morning person then a night owl.

  3. Ya you are. Remember last night when you just took all your anger out on me and Chloe cus (sorry, I meant cuz :)) she wouldn't sleep with you? :) Haha jk I love you! But that brings up a good point: sleeping buddies are fun. Is that ok for me to say that? I mean, it's not like I know, I'm just guessing.....

    Don't judge me.

  4. Tyler I am glad I got one thing right,one is better than none
    Emily yes mornings rock,we should have a breakfast sometime and not invite those night owls
    Caleb your crazy hahah