Lucas Bodine

Lucas Bodine

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Experiencing the MTC

So this is my first official letter! Wow, the mtc has been so great. It feels like I have been in the mtc for a month already. Time is flying by, the days are long but when I look back at it is flying by! well the airplane ride was good, ashlyn and anna picked me up and we went shopping for their apartment then had some inn n' out, made my last phone calls and I was at the mtc!

While getting checked in I saw Elder Despain! It was pretty cool being able to see him. Actually I have seen so many people who I know. I have seen Elder Sterling Jones, Cameron Farnsworth, Alec Porter, Micheal Christenson, Kyle Lyons, Zach Cook, Tanner Neilson, Joe Udall. The list could go on and on and on. But going to the mtc was not hard for me at all. It was like a big reunion for seeing all my friends.

After the first day I have really learned that I wasn't most excited about seeing all of my friends but that I am a missionary! Bert gave me an awesome letter about what a great thing it is for me to wear my plaque. I have made it out here to be a missionary for the church of JESUS CHRIST of latter saints and I am representing and doing what Christ would be doing. What a great thing for me to know! Thanks for the letter bert ;) It actually helped my comp. with some homesickness.

Oh so you prob. want to know about my comps. I am in a trio. Elder Gardner, is from Pleasant Grove, UT. He is a pretty laid back guy he kinda reminds me of Simon Nisson actually. But a cool thing about him is that his dad wrote some words to Press Forward Saints and This is my beloved son and other hymns look at Marvin K. Gardner in the Children and Hymn book! you would be surprised. I was actually singing this is my beloved son in my room(because you can't listen to music in the mtc) while write my journal and he said "you know my dad wrote that?" its a small world. My other Companion is Elder Miller from Eagle, ID. If anyone knows marshall davis, he is like a mirror image of him I think but yeah he is about the most muscular guy on the whole floor. If someone disses me I know he has got my back! He is a really humble elder. He worked on a farm in Idaho and played football and track. In my district we have 7 elders and 4 sisters. All of us except 3 sisters are reporting to Edmonton. Besides my comps we have Elder Brereton from Utah and Elder Larson who is going to be a Theraretical Physics, he went to Colombia in NY and he is a genius. Elder Remer from Nevada he is cool.Elder Brown is from Utah too. The sisters are awesome as well.

On Wednesday I was made District Leader! It was a humbling experience talking to my branch president. But I am lucky because I get to pick up all the mail so yeah! Umm so this is my pday Monday anywhere from now until later this afternoon you could expect an email from me so yeah. Since coming into the mtc I have memorized D&C 4,my missionary purpose in PMG(preach my gospel) and I have read the 85 p. mission handbook individually and as a companionship. I am still getting used to this whole companion ship thing but I am working on it. We are really open with each other and are getting along great. One thing that I have been learning is work and obedience. These are two things that I am trying to be great at. There are so many weird rules but that’s not up to me but to follow them. I have gained in my testimony that as we are 100% obedient that we gain more faith. Also, talking about work. I don't think I have been physically and emotionally worked. We are studying all the times and we have the whole 6:30-10:30 times to get used to but I have been put to work. I know that I am motivated and I am glad of it!

I am so grateful for Heavenly Father and that he loves us so much. I have felt this many times in my mission and I am growing so much. I love all you family and friends back in Mesa or wherever you are! I feel your prayers and I am working hard for you in return!

Elder Lucas Alan Bodine

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