Lucas Bodine

Lucas Bodine

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sleepin in Stettler

Hello everyone from back home or people in Utah Ghana, Scotland, Philippines, Argentina or wherever you are. Doing good here in the deer (Red Deer). That is the nick name I like to call it haha. This week was a good one I would say. Last week on Monday night my companion left me alone in the lone and dreary wilderness. He went up to Edmonton for 3 or 4 days for training with all the trainers and missionary leaders in the mission. But I was in a trio with Elder Boatright (from mesa and in my district) and Elder Taylor a missionary from Utah.

We started out going to see a guy me and my comp. E. Chappell came across. His name is Alfred and he is a huge native guy from Oklahoma who loves football. But we went over there with my trio companionship and we had an amazing lesson and he committed to prepare for baptism for the 7th of august. This week have been trying to get a hold of him but he has canceled and not showed a couple of times but were still working with him. But then Tuesday we covered my area of Red Deer 3rd ward. It was bad I hardly knew where any of anyone lived but we made it through a day and I held my ground in my area for a day.

On Wednesday we covered Red Deer 1st ward and so Elder Boatright had all the plans for that. But we talked to 3 old ladies that pretty much do nothing so it was nice to visit with them. Then that night we traveled an hour to Stettler. On the way there I did have a comical moment in the car. I decided to take a little 10 minute nap and I awoke to my other two companions screaming and pounding on the brakes. Then I woke up being completely startled and they started laughing so hard. Man they sure know how to make me not want to take a nap in the car ride anymore. But I've attached a picture. This is what I saw when I was awake going to Stettler. Bright yellow fields of Canola. Yep. It was really pretty to see so I got a picture and captured the moment.

But let me tell ya about Stettler. It is a cowboy town. And Elder Taylor is a cowboy in Utah. So he loves the place and I not much of a cowboy or a country boy but I got a feel of what it is. There was this one lesson we were on the patio around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, it was about 90 degrees the flies and mosquitoes were buzzing. Then my comps were talking to this old couple about cattle, farming, horses, rodeos, more horses, war, politics and more about farming. I didn't want to take anything away from the conversation so I didn't say much so I was very quiet. That caused me to be very very sleepy when our lesson came around. I think I might have fallen asleep, cuz I don't remember a thing said. haha but I got the feel for Stettler. It is still a great town though. I am just very glad to be back in red deer.

I love the city allot. And red deer only has about 95,000 people in it so it’s kinda like a mini mesa. And where I live wow we have the whole basement of the members home and it’s awesome. But I love this gospel. I love seeing true conversion with my investigators, especially Gaylord. He is coming to church and committed to stop drinking coffee and he is reading the book of Mormon. I know the gospel is true and I am seeing it change people lives. Love you and I feel your prayers.

Elder Lucas Alan Bodine

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