Lucas Bodine

Lucas Bodine

Saturday, April 9, 2011

October Conference

Things are going great here in Edmonton. Lots of hard work but good. On Monday I got to meet the zone of Millwoods. There is a missionary who was in the MTC with me,Elder Larson who is here and its awesome. His companion Elder Donaldson is from westwood and we know allot of the same people so its fun to talk about Westwood and Kino people with him. Also Elder Richards is in my zone,I love that guy,he is such a stud. So on Tuesday I gave my first service. We give service at Rendez-Vous. Its a recreation center for seniors pretty much. I help them play pool,shuffle board and to take their walks. Its fun giving service to old grumpy seniors,they are hilarious. We went tracting on 12 avenue in Edmonton. There was this lady standing outside of her garage and so I went to talk to here. I quickly found out that she was less accountable. She showed us her car,new garage and offered to let us in but we declined. We that said we would stop by later and so we walked away. We went acouple of houses down and started knocking,she then yelled at us saying"there not there,lets go to another house". She was trying to tract with us. We quickly had to jump into our car and drive into a different area. But we went back the next day and got lots of potential investigators,which is a blessing.

A little information about my area in which I am serving. I have the very south tip of Edmonton and then a city about 10 miles south of Edmonton called Beaumont. In the Edmonton area that I cover it has lots of Indian's. Not like native running horse Indian's but Indians who speak Punjabi and Hindi and wear turbans.It is quite a different type of group of people then I was used to at Red Deer. But they are just as ready as another other person. Its fun to try to speak to them when they don't understand English.

On Thursday we were invited to go to seminary to talk about the Restoration of the Aaronic Priesthood. I had to wake up at 5:30 it was very hard to wake up an hour early. I thought it was so killer for these seminary students to wake up that early. But I did the same thing in high school,not for seminary but for band. Still the youth programs are strong here and the youth are dedicated to the gospel,its a great sight. Later on that day we tracted for 6 hours. We didn't have any appointments so we went and found the lost sheep of the fold.

This week we had 14 hours of pure tracting. It was not easy but necessary and we were able to meet and contact lots of people. On Friday I had an interview with president Campbell it was great. Then started conference weekend,I was spiritually fed. During the priesthood session there was an MTC choir singing.It was awesome and I think I saw Caleb Allred singing in the choir? If anyone is reading this and knows if you could tell me and let me know. I was jumping in my seat because I am almost positive I saw him singing. I could write on about conference Becca's it was such a treat. I had lots of favorite talks. I will say that it was great and I loved every minute of it. I love you and thank you for being the example of the believers in my life,the church is true. We are SO blessed to be on the earth right now it this great time. The Restoration of Christs church happened. We have a prophet on the earth,we have the priesthood power,we have the book of Mormon,we have eternal fa miles. I am so blessed and I give thanks for my Heavenly Father for his love.

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