Lucas Bodine

Lucas Bodine

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Goodbye Red Deer - Sept. 20

Hello again. I hope everyone is doing great. I happy and cheerful in Red Deer Alberta.This week was a great week. Whenever you receive news that you have a new nephew and niece in this world is great news. Also some experiences that happened this week as well. I like to write things in chronological order so here you go. On Monday we were at a members house and a guest was there and she was from inuvick(not sure about the spelling). But where she lives is super cold,like frozen tundra,dog sleds,no light,igloos,yeah. She gave me some pointers on how to stay warm here in Canada. But I am glad that I will never have to go that far north or I would comeback to mesa half frozen. On Tuesday for lunch we went to a recent converts house who's name is mac and he is phillipeno.He feeds us once a week and it is heavenly food,I can't get enough of phillipeno food so that is always an adventure. I also had a air head moment. I did something that I have never done in my whole life...lock my keys in the car. I had to get out of the car to get a pencil that was stuck under my seat then I closed the door and was off to work. Then I realized that I didn't have my keys,but a locksmith came and helped us out. That was the biggest blonde moment in my mission yet. We also had a lesson with another recent convert,Tom. Tom is kind of a hippie guy with Buddhism and fung shway and tiger rugs. His house has a plant growing on all the walls its cool and phydicelic. We had a lesson in his small condo and he turned off the lights and turned on some black light and turned on some surround sound with Motab. Everything glowed and it was the coolest setting for a lesson that I have had,you had to have been there to understand how cool it was. Wednesday,lots of finding and knocking and trying potentials,formers,members all that jazz. It was raining as well but it was sure fun.We also had a dinner appointment with the Jeanottes. It is always fun going to dinner with people who know your people. Sister Jeanotte is Anna Toone's cousin. Its kind of funny,plus we had tacos so that's something to talk about. Thursday we had district meeting and we watched the Preach My Gospel 2 Dvd. If you ever what missionary work is like then watch those dvd's so that was good. Then later that evening we started our drive to Edmonton. On our way we stopped by a place called Tim Hortons. It the the starbucks of canada that sells donoughts. I had my first Timiee's and it was abousolutly delishoush. We made our way to Edmonton and I saw that city for the first time really.We drove right through downtown with the big buildings and the lights and galore.I got so pumped to see edmonton. I was also really excited to meet up with my trainer Elder Chappell. I stayed the night at his appartment and we talked about good times when we were companions. Friday was mission tour. Elder Richard G. Maynes of the quourum of the seventy came. Before he spoke me and Elder Chappell performed a musical number,Lead Kindly Light. That was fun and as a missionary hearing a general authority was awesome as well. Half the mission was there on friday and the other half was on saturday.But Elder Maynes had this huge equation for how to get a baptism. We figured it out that we need to contact 15 people a day and teach 2 lessons a day(one lesson of the restoration). It all made sence to me and what he talked to us about gave me a better perspective to the work here in the Canada Edmonton Mission. Also I received my package. Thank you for the cookies,my El Pato(liquid gold),cd's and other assorted goodies. On the way back to Red Deer I took a nap and then we taught a man named Russell who couldn't talk or walk so he typed his responces while we taught that was pretty cool. Sundays highlight was Bonnie and Aaron. Bonnie is the lady who came up to me and asked what she needed to do for baptism. We taught her and she is very set and is willing to do lots of things. Also aaron is a young man who is very cool that will be baptized when he finds an answer.Today president campbell called and said I am being tranfered Wednesday to Beaumont in Edmonton with Elder Hurst. So goodbye Red Deer. I will fill you in with details next week.

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