Lucas Bodine

Lucas Bodine

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Canadian Thanksgiving

Hello once again. Whenever there is a week of no email it seems like a month has passed on. But it is great to be able to write again and inform you of how I am doing in Alberta. This week was fun,I can honestly say that a mission is fun. Its not a walk in a park or as easy as smelling roses but it is fun. Last Monday was thanksgiving in Canada. Yeah,I know what your thinking. Why is Canada celebrating thanksgiving? I thought thanksgiving was about the Pilgrims coming to America and a feast to give thanks. I can't give an answer to my last question but regardless its never a bad Holiday where your reminded on how grateful you are and there is tons of food.

To celebrate my companion and I went to Jasper. Its a huge tourist attraction in Alberta. I would say that its like Arizona has the grand canyon,Alberta has Jasper and Banff. Since Banff is out of our mission boundaries we can't go there. Instead we can go to Jasper once on our whole mission. It was really fun. It started pretty early having to wake up at 3 a.m. to make time for a 3 hour drive there. On the drive there we actually saw the northern lights,that was pretty exciting.We went hiking and adventuring in Athabasca Falls and Malign Canyon. A member in anther ward offered our zone leaders for other missionaries to go. They had a 15 seater van so 8 missionaries in the Millwoods Zone went to Jasper,how awesome.

On other news I found out an investigator who I taught in Red Deer got baptized on Saturday. Since Red Deer is an hour away I would have had to have found a member to drive me there and back to see that baptism. No one in the ward could take me so I wasn't able to attend my first baptism but she was baptized so that made me happy. My old companion Elder Remer baptized her,so that was pretty exciting even though I wasn't there to witness.

Something that was very amazing was Mucho Burrito! While tracting we found an advertisement for mucho burrito. It looked really tasty so my companion and I decided to go. It was the best Mexican food I have had since leaving mesa,Arizona. It was a glorious moment. It wasn't 100% legitimate Mexican food but it was the closest that I have found in Canada. It was so good that I wrote about my burrito experience in my journal and to all of my friends in this letter.

This week has been getting cold. I would say that it was very close to 0 Celsius or 32 Ferlinghetti. I am getting some winter goodies today before it gets any colder.It will be a cold mission I just hope I can deal with it being a desert rat. On Saturday we found a native man on Sunday. So yesterday we went over to Brother Ross' home. He pretty much told us his life story,his experiences,his challenges and what gives him comfort. It was awesome to share about the book of Mormon(a book about his ancestors). He is excited to read the book of Mormon. We are going to his house this Saturday to teach him the restoration. The lesson we had was so spiritual and he gave a great closing prayer. I would love to write more but I am sad to say that my time is up. If there is anything I can say is to be obedient.

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