Lucas Bodine

Lucas Bodine

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Halloween

Because yesterday was Halloween all missionaries had to be in by 6 aclock. We had and hour and a half to tract right after church then before we went to our dinner appointment. We now count QGC'S or Quality Gospel Conversations for our key indicators. A mission standard is to get 6 in a day. We only had 1 1/2 hour to tract so not much time. But we achieved our goal to get 6 in that time frame,wohoo. The last few doors was time for us to get going. We rang the door bell and a little kid opened the door with a bowl full of candy. We explained that we weren't in costume. Also when driving to our car to go to our dinner we saw trick or treaters. We barley left in time before we were being mistaken for trick or treaters. On Thursday we went to our ward Trunk or Treat. We passed out Tootsie rolls. We quickly ran out early then expected. So we went to some members to get more candy so we could still pass out some to the kids in the ward. Instead,they were giving us candy to eat. So in result me and my companion didn't have to go trick or treating to get Halloween candy. Last night we had some extra time because we had to be in early so it was one of the few times I didn't feel guilty for eating candy. Last Monday I played snow football,yep. It was pretty cold. Today we are playing football but not in the snow thank goodness that there in no snow this time. It melted from the first big snow. Today was transfer call day. It is officially a new transfer today and I am staying in Beaumont with my companion for at least 6 more weeks. It is always an anxious morning the day that calls are. We had 3 calls none from the president. Every call we got we both jumped to the ceiling waiting to see what would happen. We didn't get a call so we are still together. Well this is a super short email,sorry about that but duty calls. The church is true,people everyday are seeking answers to questions. We are so blessed to know. In the new Duty to God its based off of Learn,Act and Share. I know that if we do those things we will be more chistlike and be able to share the gospel with those who are prepared to recieve it.

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